Okay this is a somewhat unrelated post or maybe it isn’t… Either way there has been something bouncing around in my brain for about a month and I thought I should get it out.  I’m not sure if this is the general feel of all foreign communities in Korea but I have a sneaking suspicion … Continue reading

Damyang and Naganeupseong

Unlike a lot of foreign teachers that come to Korea, I have chosen to spend my vacations in Korea and as a result I believe I’ve seen more Korean cities than most.  Now this is in no way a “I am holier than thou” tone, it’s a I’m grateful for my experience tone.  I would … Continue reading


South Koreans love their mountains and it’s a good thing considering there are mountains everywhere you look.  Surely it is impossible to live in this country and not have encountered a mountain.  It truly makes this country beautiful and nothing is better when you live in the city and make an escape to the mountains.  I remember after … Continue reading

Good at Driving Bad

driving in korea