Okay this is a somewhat unrelated post or maybe it isn’t…

Either way there has been something bouncing around in my brain for about a month and I thought I should get it out.  I’m not sure if this is the general feel of all foreign communities in Korea but I have a sneaking suspicion it is.  After a year of being here I’ve had multiple ups and downs, riding the wave of constant change, or perhaps it’s more stagnant than it appears at first.  In Gwangju there seems to be a foreign scene that lives for the downtown life every weekend.  Sure most get out and take trips to amazing places, but most of the weekend is spent drunk off your ass, trying to get into someone else’s pants.  Lots of Koreans and foreigners alike claim their disgust with such a scene but it’s like a black hole sucking you in.  It’s hard I grant you, we’re all away from home and comfort, hard to figure out what to do other than getting drunk.  I’ve spent plenty of weekends doing just that but it has bitten me in the ass and drained my wallet without mercy.  I love hanging out and having a good time but it seems like are no limits or respect for anything. 

Being in Korea as a foreigner is like going back to school but actually having money to throw around this time.  You are living on your own with complete freedom and usually only have a year to live it up this way.  This year time frame plays a lot in to the attitude too.  The promiscuity of the foreign community is astounding and no wonder you have Koreans trying to get in on the action.  There is no such thing as a serious relationship starting up because let’s face it you’re only here for a year…let us just fuck, you’re lonely, i’m lonely and it’s so far from home, no one important will ever find out anyways.  *blargh*  (throws up in a corner) No thank you!

Listen I’m not coming from a holier than thou positon, it’s just that I don’t get excited from the orgy happening downtown, having everyone know your business or that it gives the foreign community the horrible reputation that it does.  A friend of mine was dating a Korean that we had met downtown and treated her like a proper girlfriend for 2-3 months until the jig was up.  He met the close friends, hung out with the guy friends and even took her out on her birthday…but all it was, was trying to get into a foreign girl’s pants and to be congratulated by his buddies at a job well done.  A job well done at being a Class-A A-Hole.  Another deplorable trend is the people both Koreans and foreigners alike trying to hook up with eachother for free language lessons…god really, are you that desperate?!  Oh and even if you are in a relationship and it is well known to others it won’t matter there will still be people trying to get in your pants or your significant other’s pants.  Go throw yourself on to somebody else!  It’s not that hard to, but maybe you just like the challenge huh?  Disgusting disgusting disgusting@!  Maybe this post comes from a moment of frustration (which happens every once and awhile over here), naivety or bitterness, but sometimes I just want to kick people in the shins…well more than that because of my fighting instincts but we’ll just leave it at that for this post.


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