UNESCO Site~ Dolmens In Hwasun

I’m not sure how to start off this post because honestly I would never venture out to this place on my own.  I did enjoy my day there but only because we made it fun, the place itself was not fun…hiking in the moutain is far more interesting I think. 


I had never heard of Dolmens (Goindol in Korean) until about a month ago or had just figured to call them burial rocks.  The size and purpose is interesting but after you’ve seen a field of them, you will satisfy your dolmen craving.  Apparently there are many in Korea and are megalithic monuments with large stones that sit on top of the tomb.  They are supposed to be a tomb, a tomb stone or an altar.  There are even different types of dolmens.  There are stories behind each one too!  I never knew that “rocks” could be difficult.  It became very clear though when I was handed a whole book when I entered the site.  The UNESCO site is located just 30mins out of Gwangju and is a nice escape from the hussle and bustle of the city.  If you plan on coming without a car, it’ll be a nice long day of hiking.  There is also a museum and temple on the site.  The old man working there was very polite and let us in when he was planning on closing up for the day.  I was even surprised to find a tour bus going through.  God I’m sorry…i’m just going to post the pictures because honestly I know I’m draggin..

Oh and I didn’t know that the really big rock was the pee hole of a goddess.  According to the book I got (my boyfriend was handed only a pamphlet) this rock is called Pingmaebawi.  The story is that Mago Halmi tore her skit full of stone on the way to Unjusa Temple and fell onto the stones. The name of the stone means throwing stones.  Also on the way there she felt the urge to urinate on that rock.  When she did that it made a big hole and the myth became that if you throw a peddle into that hole your desire will come true.  I should have read that book earlier…ah well *shrugs*


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