Mud Festival

Okay so this is going to be a very short post because well…there isn’t much to say about the Mud Festival in Boryeong except that it’s fun filled.  Last month was the annual Mud Festival that beckons the presence of many many many foreigners.  Basically what goes down at the festival is playing around in the mud, drinking, beach games and live entertainment.  The alcohol and chance to get dirty is basically why many teachers and the soldiers alike attend this.  I even heard that the first weekend is basically the teacher weekend and the next is mostly the army weekend. 

So how did I get there?  By bus of course!  Korea is a well connected place.  Unfortunately the bus routes are not as regular as I had hoped it would be.  We arrived in the afternoon and jumped right into the enormous lines to get dirty.  Thankfully they had lockers and change rooms to handle the aftermath.  The lines moved pretty well and I never had so much fun sliding, wrestling and racing in mud filled blow up contraptions.  If you wanted to wait in an even longer line you could get painted in colored mud or just go to a stand in paint yourself/friends in the uncolored mud.  There were also people dressed up to walk around the beach.—-fairies, policemen and soldier.  It was a great way to let loose and not expensive.

The negatives of the festival however were that the food was horrible at the beach (pretty normal for these types of event) and the beach itself is not too clean.  As well you need to check the bus time tables or you might be stuck there overnight.  I live in Gwangju and the last bus out of there was 5:40…unfortunately we showed up around 7 looking for a bus.  So what the hell to do?!  Take a bus to another city where we’d miss a bus back by 10mins, take a taxi to the train station, wait an hour to take a train that we’d have to get off of after 2 stops to transfer to antoher train after another hour wait….it was a long home BUT we did make it home.  Either way it was tons of fun and you should look forward to it for next year!

Sorry some pics didn’t upload…don’t know why but maybe i’ll try later…enjoy! Hmm guess I had more to say…not as short…


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