Damyang and Naganeupseong

Unlike a lot of foreign teachers that come to Korea, I have chosen to spend my vacations in Korea and as a result I believe I’ve seen more Korean cities than most.  Now this is in no way a “I am holier than thou” tone, it’s a I’m grateful for my experience tone.  I would LOVE to travel to all the amazing places others have gone to during their stay here…but for me, paying off student debt is highly appealing.  I also don’t hate Korea like so many others.  Many travel out of the country because they become unbearably frustrated with Korean culture, however I just don’t understand this.  I guess Korean culture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some people are a little too harsh.  Korea is great, you just have to be patient, open your mind and do a little research.  What I hope to do in this post and a few more is to show some of the fun places I’ve visited over the year.

I think in this post I will highlight my visits to Damyang and Naganeupseong.  Last October I visited Damyang for the Bamboo Park and was not expecting how much fun it was.  At first I didn’t think  bamboo could be interesting at all, but I was wrong.  Koreans know how to play up nature.  The bamboo park has also got an interesting history to it.  It has been the background to many Korean films and even to a famous Korean comedy show…god can’t remember the name but it’s damn funny.  At the park and all over Damyang you can get your fill of everything bamboo.  Rice in bamboo, bamboo utensils and bamboo toothpaste…the list goes on.  It really is a great place to go to get out of the busy city.  Near the park there is a nice long river where you can rent bikes or take a carriage and horse around.  Coming to Damyang isn’t going to break the bank either, it’s super cheap.  What the real selling point a Korean will tell you though is that…bamboo is good for your health! hahaha (sorry you won’t get that unless you have encountered a Korean or more specifically a Korean mother).

Another day of fun is visiting the closest folk village.  There are plenty on this peninsula and I was lucky to have one not so far away.  This was a recent visit and my boyfriend and I had a hilarious time posing with the mannequins.  They show you traditional Korean living and history in a fun interactive way.  It was interesting that people still live in those houses (probably people who run everything) and that you can even spend the night there for a reasonable price.  The one thing that I got reminded of when visiting the folk village is how Koreans really place importance upon their own history and teaching the younger generation about it.  I can’t say I ever had the same experience back home.  Perhaps the younger generation abhor this but I believe it is fantastic.  Each city has a story and there’s always an easy way to learn about it.

2 Responses to “Damyang and Naganeupseong”
  1. intrepidtraveller says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I plan to discover as much of Korea as I can at weekends as I have all feck all holidays. Nice post. 🙂

  2. museophelia says:

    boo bad holidays! Fortunately I get a few but the school decides when I get them…wish I were in public. I hope you do get to look around though! Thanks!

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