Good at Driving Bad

Many people first notice the absurdly dangerous way people drive in South Korea when they arrive.  If you can make it then go is what seems to be the only rule.  Park anywhere, cut in anytime and care little about pedestrians.  Before I came to Korea I was a pretty oblivious pedestrian.  I walked without looking both ways and took my time…now however I value my life and will hurry the eff up if I see a car coming my way…especially a taxi.  The only time I have seen anyone actually obey the traffic signals is when there is a threat of being caught by the camera hanging above some lights.  The taxi driver’s are the worst.  Most look like they are pimped out to be race car drivers.  They wear the gloves, have flashy styled cars and will put peoples’ lives in danger atleast 5 times during your ride (maybe more if the ride is long). 

Saying all this you’d think there is a ridiculous amount of crashes and casualties…but in fact no…not that I’ve noticed.  The taxi driver drives like a maniac, gets you there quick and you are still all in one piece.  Even the car crashes I have seen did not have massive damage.  I have come to the conclusion that perhaps Koreans have grown up watching and learning how to become good at driving bad.  They have to learn to be really aware while being a jerk on the road.  Most also have the most fantastic skill at parking in the smallest places.  I’d never say this country is full of the most bad drivers (there are far worse countries for driving) but it is something to be noticed.


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