Mud Festival

Okay so this is going to be a very short post because well…there isn’t much to say about the Mud Festival in Boryeong except that it’s fun filled.  Last month was the annual Mud Festival that beckons the presence of many many many foreigners.  Basically what goes down at the festival is playing around in … Continue reading

Damyang and Naganeupseong

Unlike a lot of foreign teachers that come to Korea, I have chosen to spend my vacations in Korea and as a result I believe I’ve seen more Korean cities than most.  Now this is in no way a “I am holier than thou” tone, it’s a I’m grateful for my experience tone.  I would … Continue reading


South Koreans love their mountains and it’s a good thing considering there are mountains everywhere you look.  Surely it is impossible to live in this country and not have encountered a mountain.  It truly makes this country beautiful and nothing is better when you live in the city and make an escape to the mountains.  I remember after … Continue reading

Good at Driving Bad

driving in korea

Mihwangsa~The start of my journey

The first few months of my stay in Korea were an exciting time full of things to do and things to figure out.  I knew nothing and had really no comfort zone other than home and work…where English was spoken.  This sounds silly but I was not quite use to not knowing how everything worked.  … Continue reading


intro to blog

Hello world!

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